The TEI’s learning experience

Concerning education, there will always be new and different challenges ahead. Our task is, therefore, to develop and deliver a curriculum in a way that is relevant to today’s teenagers who will be interacting in the wider world, a digital world of instant and mobile connectivity, dominated by information and data.
As an educational institution, we are aware of the importance of the above. Nevertheless, our focus remains upon encouraging an enquiring mind that loves learning for learning’s sake. Consequently, we are determined to continue offering our students the opportunity to explore their abilities to the most, making them realise that their time at school also acts as the strengthening agent of their “soft skills” in terms of communication, interacting and creativity among other aspects. Thus, planning and designing workshops and activities for students to participate and enhance their learning scope has become a crucial subject in our community. The massive participation during the British Week celebration together with the starting of the Drama Club in Senior School and the outstanding adaptation of “My Fair Lady” on stage have, once again, proven the exceptional talent our students are able to show.
All of these instances have also provided us with the possibility to interact in a kind and respectful atmosphere full of eagerness to learn and participate; a feature I must emphasise as it has always been regarded as one of the most appreciated characteristics of our school.

Miss Mónica Marabolí V.
Head of English